Amazon Crunches Critters in Half

Critter Crunch was a puzzle title which came out last year and was largely under-appreciated by many. Although it was positively acclaimed by critics and entertained by the dozens, many consumers haven’t heard of the title.

The PSN exclusive title Critter Crunch is now on sale via for the unbeatable price of $3.49. With a regular price of $6.99, this offer more than halves the cost of this single-player and co-op title. Delivery is free via digital processing on the Amazon price, so there are no added fees after purchase.

For fans of puzzle titles, Critter Crunch is a unique title that definitely shouldn’t be missed. Check out the official PlayStation LifeStyle review now. To learn a little bit of backround on the team behind Critter Crunch, check out our interview with Capybara Games’ Nathan Vella.