Dead Rising 2 to let you Customize your Gore

Even though the first Dead Rising game has yet to grace the PlayStation 3, Capcom plans to bring Dead Rising 2and it’s gory glory to the PS3 sometime this year. The best part? Capcom revealed that the game is going to have it’s own customizable weapon system and the possibilities could be fantastically crazy.

Never did I think that I would see the day that a game gives you the option to create a PaddleSaw!  As the screen depicts above, all you gotta add is a boat paddle, along with not one, but two (yes, two!) chainsaws, and shazam. Behold the almighty PaddleSaw!

The PaddleSaw. Weapon of the Year 2010. Confirmed.

Hopefully the weapons creation system will let me create my dream weapon– a shotgun that shoots flaming katanas!!

When Capcom originally announced that a western developer Blue Castle Games was taking over the developing duties for Dead Rising 2, many fans of the series started to worry. Just look at Bionic Commando (Bomb) and Dark Void (Bomb). With the Online Multiplayer, “Terror is Reality”, The zombie count on screen jumping from 800 to close to 6,000 and Customizable Weapons, it looks like Capcom knew something we didn’t know when they picked Blue Castle Games to create the sequel.

If you’re not excited about Dead Rising 2, hopefully you will be when it releases some later this year.