Console Wars Are “Silly” According To 2K Marin

February 9, 2010Written by Zak Islam

Is there anything to be gained from console wars? BioShock 2‘s creative director, Jordan Thomas, has given his thoughts on why console wars are “silly”.

Speaking to Destructoid, the Bioshock 2 creative director gave a development perspective on the ongoing console wars:

There’s a cognitive effect known as ‘confirmation bias,’ which leads people to latch onto conclusions that support their preferences and ignore data which doesn’t. This leads to wild, unreasoning loyalty to a chosen platform, sports team, or brand of soda.

From a development perspective, the console wars are a bit silly; our target is consistency, and it’s always kind of sad to see people throwing their energy into ‘platform partisanship’, because it seems to flood the critical channels and drown out other creative discourse.

What are your views on console wars? Do we really need them? Does the “Play games, not consoles” perspective come in to this at all? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.