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Final Fantasy XIII Takes it to the Hoop

February 10, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

I'm looking at you, Shaq!

With Final Fantasy XIII hitting in less than a month, Square Enix is looking to get the buzz out there about their upcoming AAA RPG across a variety of sites and commercials. With this upcoming promotion , Square Enix might just land a slam dunk.

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy XIII will be sponsoring the NBA All-Star Event 2010 in Dallas, Texas this year!

There will also be a preview booth at the NBA All-Star Jam Session so that old or new fans can give Square Enix’s newest RPG masterpiece a try.

Yeah, we know, when you think NBA, the first that doesn’t come to mind is Final Fantasy or RPG fans. Still, it’s a good way to get the word out there for the title and for those who might not know about the series to get a clue for what they’ve missed the past 12 titles in the series.

Final Fantasy XIII hits the PlayStation 3 on March 9th. Make sure you don’t miss PlayStation LifeStyle’s review for it!

Thanks @UNCyrus