DICE Blows Competition Out Of The Battlefield

EA has certainly been bragging about how robust Battlefield: Bad Company 2’s multiplayer is and how DICE’s latest is going to take the shooter genre by storm when it finally joins the battle on March 2. With games like Modern Warfare 2 and MAG having such devout following, is there really room for another tactical shooter in the market? EA puts it bluntly: “no competition”…

EA product manager Will Graham told MCV:

DICE is at the forefront of defining the multiplayer and online vehicle warfare space and has substantial pedigree in this area following many years of success. We genuinely believe there isn’t a developer out there that competes with DICE in this space, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is going cement that.

The use of vehicles in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 sets it apart from the competition and no one else in the industry does this better.

This is also something the core are very excited about: DICE’s history of delivering a multiplayer experience utilising vehicles is something that sets it apart from anything else in the market. It’s also an element that fits with the increasing emphasis on multiplayer for gamers in general.

EA definitely seems quite proud of the effort they’re putting in to Bad Company 2‘s multiplayer feature, so expect even more EA smack-talking before the game releases from March 2nd and we find out if the game is a success, or if EA will be eating these brave words..