David Jaffe is Calling All Mistakes

February 18, 2010Written by Zak Islam

David Jaffe, the man behind revered PlayStation franchises such as Twisted Metal and God of War, is known for making video game classics. So when we first heard that the man behind Kratos and Sweet tooth was creating a cops-and- robbers style, car-combat PlayStation Network game, we were quite skeptical. The fun and addictive Calling All Cars was released on the PlayStation Network in May of 2007 to much acclaim, however, Jaffe doesn’t feel the same as critics.

Jaffe spoke during 2010’s DICE summit, the former God Of War director had some harsh words about his entertaining racer:

I’d call it a mistake, is what I’d call it

We made a rookie mistake as a new studio doing smaller games. We had a casual theme with a hardcore mechanic on a machine people had paid $500 for. Nothing matched up. If I were going to go back and remake Calling All Cars I would’ve skinned it different.

There was this misperception and incorrectness on my part, that you buy this $599 system and bring the same mentality to a $5 game as a $60 game, and that was a mistake

As of January 14th, 2010, Calling All Cars’ servers were shut down forever. I for one, was sad to see it go. Sounds like Jaffe was glad to bury what he calls “a mistake”.