Heavy Rain DLC Gets Lost in the Rain

February 19, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

Pre-order DLC is often either lame costumes or ‘golden’ versions of the character’s weapons. So, when Sony announced that pre-ordering Heavy Rain granted you free admission to the first episode of the ‘Heavy Rain Chronicles’, they blew away fan’s expectations of what pre-order DLC should be. It was planned that the first episode would be downloadable day and date when the game hit. Well houston, we have a problem.

According to JustPushStart, Heavy Rain Chronicles Episode 1- The Taxidermist has been delayed two weeks, until March 4th.  Why the DLC was delayed wasn’t made clear, but for $5 worth of free DLC, I think we can all wait.

This delay will give everyone who purchased the game plenty of time to earn a Platinum trophy for Heavy Rain! Plus you could always use our upcoming Heavy Rain Trophy Guide to assist you.

Heavy Rain hits next week, exclusively on the PlayStation 3 and we here at PlayStation LifeStyle can’t wait.