Ubisoft Enters Sports Genre With Pure Football

In past console generations, FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer have dominated the sports genre. EA and Konami seemed to have cornered the market on the full fledged football title for years now. Finally, a new developer has announced its plans to step up to the field so to speak with a brand new football title.

Pure Football‘ is a new sports title being developed by Ubisoft Vancouver and will be shooting into stores this May. Similar to free-styling football title FIFA Street 3, Pure Football will be a five-a-side based game. FIFA Street was one of the best sports games back in the PlayStation 2 era, so if Pure Football could improve and go beyond the elements which made FIFA Street great, Ubisoft could be making one hell of a sports title.

The intriguing game will include 230 elite footballers, 17 international teams, and 17 legendary players. Gamers will have the opportunity to create their own customized athletes who can progress through the campaign mode to ultimately test themselves against the world’s best players in the final tournament. Up to four people can play multiplayer locally, and an online feature will also be included.

Check out the first screenshots and trailer of Pure Football below.