This Week in PlayStation – March 19th

A common stereotype about gamers is their short attention spans. As announcements for new games and hardware come and go, it is easy to lose sight of the momentous events that shaped the gaming world. This Week in PlayStation highlights Sony’s rich videogame heritage, which dates back into the 1980’s. Step back in time with us as we put the spotlight on events big and small that have significantly altered the gaming culture.

This Week in PlayStation March 13th – March 19th

March 13th

  • 1996 – Descent II is released for the PS1, developed by Parallax Software, published by Interplay.
  • 2000Sony announces that the SPE is taking a step into the digital direction with its new business unit that teams SPE digital production with online content and game services.
  • 2001 – Onimusha: Warlords hits North America. It is the first title in the long-standing Onimusha series.
  • 2007 – Kratos unleashes his fury on the world. God of War II captures nearly 1 million preorders, becoming one of the most hyped PS2 games to date. Gamers would have to wait 3 more years before getting another date with Kratos.
  • 2008 – Electronic Arts publically reveals their offer to purchase rival Take-Two. The offer stands at $26.00 a share and is valued at approximately at two billion dollars.
  • 2009 – Capcom’s Resident Evil 5 hits American stores.

March 14th

  • 2002Take-Two announces record profits for their first quarter for fiscal year 2002. The company revealed net profits totaling $283 million, a 79% increase over the same period the previous year.
  • 2003 – Final Fantasy: Origins hits the European market. This dual-game for the PS1 features both the critically acclaimed Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II.
  • 2004 – 989 Sports’ MLB 2005 hits the North American diamond. This PS2 and PS1 title was the last MLB game to fall under the 989 Sports publishing brand. After this year, Sony has exclusive rights to both develop and publish the games.
  • 2005 – World class fashion designers model their own unique and expensive accessories for the PSP.
  • 2006 Konami releases Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence Limited Edition to the masses. Gamers frantically fight over what would become one of the rarest and most expensive MGS games to date. Essentially, a limited edition of a limited edition.
  • 2006 – Metal Gear Solid 3: Subsistence hits North American stores. Gamers collectively share a sigh of relief because now they can finally navigate the game without the clumsy camera interrupting them.
  • 2007 – College Hoops 2K7 drives to the hoop, with its release to North American stores.
  • 2007 – Rockstar teams up with Timbaland to produce Beaterator for the PSP.

March 15th playstation 3

  • 2006 – Sony announces that they are delaying the heavily anticipated Spring launch of the PlayStation 3. Executives cite a lack of resouces. Gamers worldwide are dismayed they now have to wait an additional 8 months to get their hands on the behemoth.

March 16th

  • 2006 – Valcon Games’ Alfa Romeo Racing Italiano for the PS2 races to North American store shelves.
  • 2006 Take-Two acquires the publishing rights for the Dungeon Siege series. They announce they are working on getting Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony to the PSP.
  • 2008 – Electronic Arts names John Pleasants President, Global Publishing and Chief Operating Officer.

March 17th

  • 1995 – Descent is released for the PS1, developed by Parallax Software, published by Interplay.
  • 2006 – EA completes acquisition of rival Digital Illusions, who is best known for their work on the Battlefield series.
  • 2006 – Europe gets to experience a day in the life of Jack Bauer. 24: The Game hits European store shelves for the PS2.
  • 2009 Resistance: Retribution for the PSP invades North American shores.

March 18th

  • 2008 – Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Vegas 2 sneaks onto North American PlayStation 3s.

March 19th

  • 2009 Treyarch reveals the first information regarding the first DLC pack for their game, Call of Duty: World at War. The pack includes three new competitive multiplayer maps and a new Nazi zombie level to play in.