Epic’s Cliffy B Deems Heavy Rain a “New Genre”

Not only have gamers been praising Quantic Dream’s latest title, Heavy Rain, but also competitors, from all corners of the industry. The latest round of involves one of the more widely known personalities, Cliff Bleszinski (“CliffyB”). In his small tweet, he gives credit to the game for birthing “a new genre, the “Interactive Drama.””

Cliff recently posted the following tweet, in reference to the interactive drama:

By combining elements we’ve seen before in an excellent manner it appears as if Heavy Rain has birthed a new genre, the “Interactive Drama.”

Certainly, this is high praise–considering where it is coming from. This is coming from the same man who called one of the greatest games this decade, Metal Gear Solid 4, “passive entertainment”. In any case, gamers have shown with their voices and their wallets that they approve the direction Quantic Dream took with this game. Post your responses in the comments section below.



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