PlayStation Move Shows Off UI Features [UPDATE]

When the PlayStation Move debuted, the magnitude of feedback it received was equal parts praise for it’s potential and criticism for both it’s apparent likeness to Nintendo’s Wii and supposed lack of innovation when compared to Microsoft’s Natal. Despite instances of verbal assaults directed at the competition, Sony has done little to reinforce their claims of the PlayStation Move’s superiority. Recently, however, fans and naysayers alike where treated to a very special preview of the Moves’ technical prowess.

The crew over at Engadget had a chance to sit down and talk with senior researcher at Sony Computer Entertainment America, Dr. Richard Marks. During the interview, Marks addressed several questions regarding the years of research and development leading up to the PlayStation Move, and what differentiates it from certain other already and soon to be available motion control solutions. While it was interesting to get an in depth background story on the Move, the highlight of the show came after all the talk when a demonstration of various “games” were played, exhibiting the flexibility and capacity of the Move to provide a robust, unique, innovative, and of course enjoyable gaming experience. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.

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[UPDATE] The video has been removed, but you can find the complete podcast here.

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