Jack The Ripper Will Stalk the PSN

Last fall, we reported that Visceral Games was working on a third game (the others being Dead Space 2 and Dante’s Inferno) based on the infamous serial killer of the late 1800’s known as Jack The Ripper. Now, more light has been shed on this project by yours truly, Michael Pachter.

CVG is reporting that Pachter took a trip to EA and collected some valuable info and was willing to share it with the rest of us:

“The company is currently developing Dante’s Inferno, Dead Space 2 and Ripper (a new PSN, Xbox Live game).”

A game based on the historical Jack the Ripper will be arriving via PSN in the future. Given Visceral Games past success with games like Dead Space and Dante’s Inferno, expect some gruesome gameplay and visuals from this upcoming game.