Heavy Rain Brings Down 1 Million Sales

April 1, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

During Heavy Rain’s journey from ‘The Casting’ trailer to its release this past February 23, the media and gamers alike wondered if David Cage and Quantic Dream’s masterpiece, Heavy Rain, would obtain any kind of financial success. You can now breathe easy, as Heavy Rain has gone platinum, baby.

According to VGChartz, not only has Heavy Rain sold over a Million copies, but it only took the title just over a month, 5 weeks to be exact, to do so. Yes, we all know it took God of War III under a week to sell a million+, seeing as how Heavy Rain is a brand new IP with a new and innovative way to play, this is incredible news for all parties involved with the game. Sony took a gamble with Heavy Rain and it surely has paid off.

With PlayStation Move support confirmed for Heavy Rain later this year, HR could certainly continue to sell throughout the year. Even though David Cage, the creator of the series himself said that he most likely wouldn’t do a sequel to the game, who knows with such impressive sales figures.

Heavy Rain Chronicles- Episode 1: The Taxidermist hits later today on the PSN (No foolin!) for those who didn’t pre-order the game. Check out our review here to see if you should throw down a ‘lincoln’ or save it for a future episode of Heavy Rain Chronicles.