Freekscape Escaping From Hell to PS3 Minis Library

April 6, 2010Written by Zak Islam

The PlayStation Network is host to a plethora of Sony’s bite-sized minis. Nearly every PS Store update brings something new to the mini roster.  The latest addition to this library is ‘Freekscape: Escape From Hell’, unleashing its hellish fury upon gamers soon.

Developed by Kidguru Studios, Freekscape: Escape From Hell will be adding to the fast growing PSP/PS3 minis library this Thursday for €4.99 ($4.99)

Freekscape: Escape From Hell takes players through the story of Freek, a little demon who has discovered a magic trident. Inspired by the trident’s powers, Freek becomes determined to ascend out of the Netherworld and into Heaven. Freek encounters a variety of unusual creatures in his adventures and will have the power to turn monsters into useful tools such as a cutting machines or pogo stick or.

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