Sony Announces New SingStar Features

Widely praised as one of the best singing games on the market, SingStar has received its fair share of accolades and praise from gamers and critics alike. Not content with releasing and moving on, Sony has ensured that devoted fans receive a slew of new content, on a consistent basis. Fans of the game should be happy to know that Sony is planning to make the June update one of the biggest yet.

Posting on the SCEE Blog, the Senior Online Producer for SingStar, Chris, highlighted some of the many tweaks and additions that will be occurring in the June update. For one, a “SingStar Remote” will be added. This remote will allow for a PSP to connect to the game, and create a playlist a playlist of 20 songs. The songs can be added while someone is singing; no pausing whatsoever.

Secondly, Sony will be updating the gameplay to give the player feedback when they are belting it out, using their natural vibrato. The SingStore will be changed, so when browsing through songs, you can view users’ videos in the community galleries. Additionally, the SingStar Clubs will be vastly expanded: up to 1,000 members can join one, and players can join up to five.

Certainly, any and all improvements to this already fantastic game will be met with open arms. No word yet on when this update will be dropping, except for the broad release date of “June”. Stick with PlayStation LifeStyle as we’ll bring you all the latest from SingStar.