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EA Gives Medal of Honor Fans Tools for the ‘Battlefield’

In the midst of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 just being released to the market, people have dropped what they’re doing to check out DICE’s newest FPS. The game introduces bigger maps, more vehicles, and new game modes to choose from. News now comes from the front-lines of EA regarding those of you who own Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and what it has to do in regards to the upcoming Medal of Honor.

Battlefield’s official website has released news that those who purchased the limited edition of Bad Company 2 will have a M24 Sniper Rifle available when Medal of Honor is finally released later this year. Anyone who bought BFBC2 were supplied with a V.I.P. code that when linked to an EA account, you will automatically be awarded the M24 Sniper Rifle for use with MoH. You must use the same EA account on each game for the M24 to be unlocked.

Medal of Honor will be released Holiday Season 2010, so stay tuned to PSLS for more information as it comes available.