Ex-SCE Vice President Joins Codemasters

May 10, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Avid readers of PlayStation LifeStyle might remember the face of Jamie MacDonald from last year when he announced his departure as the vice president from Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios. As a veteran of Criterion Games and a former corporate head of PlayStation, it was more than apparent that MacDonald would not completely depart from the video game industry. Almost a whole year later, the ex-vice president is back in the games business in a new company.

Like Phil Harrison did with Atari, Jamie MacDonald left SCE to join a multiplatform development house. Appointed the senior vice president of Codemasters, his new role is to manage strategies and operations of Codemasters’ United Kingdom studios. Coming from a background in management of development studios at Criterion and Sony, this is a perfect fit for the ex ex-vice president.

“Joining a company with such a rich heritage as Codemasters is a real honor. This is an incredibly exciting time to become part of the Codemasters family, and I am relishing the opportunity to work across the company’s globally appealing content on multiple platforms while exploring new delivery methods and revenue models,” says MacDonald.

With his 15 years of experience in corporate management in the video games industry, we are quite confident this can only be a great thing for Codemasters. We wish MacDonald the best of luck in his future endeavors. As the man responsible for influencing the development and release of the EyeToy: Play, SingStar, and even PlayStation Home, its easy to predict that he will bring with him the innovative properties that helped shape the PlayStation 3 into what it is today.