Sackboy Finally Returns Home

May 13, 2010Written by Cameron Teague

Sackboy has invaded almost every corner of the known world with its amazing cuteness and addicting fun. One place that our little friend has yet to see much time in is the PlayStation Home service on the PS3. Get ready to Play Create and Share your way through Home with your avatar as two new spaces decided solely to LBP. The new spaces allow gamers to take their creativity into the virtual world with custom content, addictive games and home-launching into LBP.

The two available spaces, which are both available right now are the LittleBigPlanet PlayGround space and LittleBigPlanet Pod Penthouse which provides a personal space to every want to be sackboy out there. Along with these two new spaces and the tons of new games they will feature, you will be able to equip your online persona with LBP items from the PlayStation Mall. So head on into home and check out these spaces right now!