ModNation Racers Hoping To Lure GT5 Fans in its Absence

May 20, 2010Written by Zak Islam

ModNation Racers is inches away from its release tomorrow in Europe and soon after in North America on May 25th. United Front Games have delivered their thoughts on if their PlayStation exclusive kart-racer benefited from Gran Turismo 5’s absence this summer and how they’re hoping the fun racer will attract GT5’s fans.

Speaking during an interview with CVG, ModNation Racers’ game’s director, William Ho, said when replying back to a question asking if ModNation Racers’ benefited from the delay of Gran Turismo 5 :

We never took that into account (laughs). They’re obviously very, very different games and we’ve made deliberate choices… I’m actually a huge fan of Gran Tursimo. I’ve played every version for dozens of hours. I’m pretty confident that even if the two games came out on the same day I don’t think they’d be confused for eachother – I think they’d be very complimentary products for each other.

Ho further goes on to talk about a question regarding how Gran Turismo 5 fans may play MNR to make time pass until Polyphony Digital’s upcoming racer finally releases:

Yeah, hopefully. Hopefully we can attract a lot of GT fans. Some of the feedback we got during focus testing from people who consider themselves hardcore racers – people who might be Gran Turismo fans – was at first they thought that the racing would be simplistic but they found with the physics and handling it’s actually surprisingly deep. It’s not Gran Turismo deep – you’re not adjusting spring rates and camera angles – but the fact that the physics are not canned is surprisingly satisfying for those types of players.

ModNation Racers will be released in Europe tomorrow while it races its way stateside on May 25th. On the other hand, Gran Turismo 5’s release date is still yet to be announced, and it’s safe to say it may be announced during E3.