Gran Turismo 5 Players Discover Hidden Tracks from Earlier Entries

Gran Turismo 5 may be approaching its ninth birthday, but it evidently still has some secrets within its files. Some particularly sleuthy players have managed to discover some previously-undiscovered content. Tracks from Gran Turismo’s past are apparently hidden within Gran Turismo 5, with some even coming from the series’ PS1 days. Naturally, most of these tracks are in a form that’s far from complete, but it’s a fascinating look at what could have been.

It’s no secret that Gran Turismo 5 didn’t start out as Gran Turismo 5. Originally envisioned as a high-definition update of Gran Turismo 4, it was set to feature all of the same content, though obviously with more power behind it. When the project shifted to become a proper follow-up, some fan-favorite tracks were lost in the shuffle. However, players still managed to find those tracks that were dropped, even some from the PlayStation and PlayStation 2. Apparently, you can “trick” the game to believe it’s loading a track found within itself, while in actuality it’s loading one of these secret tracks.

Now, many of these tracks are what could be considered rough shape. As they were eventually decided not to be included in the final release, they are very much works-in-progress. To get a taste of what these tracks act like in Gran Turismo 5, take a look at this video, via TheAdmiester, featuring the Seattle Circuit track:

Now, it’s unknown what the plan, if anything, was for these tracks once development of Gran Turismo 5 shifted. Was Polyphony planning on releasing them as DLC? Or were they always fated to be doomed to be hidden in the depths of coding? The world may never know.

As we all know, Gran Turismo, one of Sony’s flagship franchises, has continued to speed on along. The most recent entry, Gran Turismo Sport, released in 2017, and continues to be updated to this day. In addition, Polyphony is hard at work on the next Gran Turismo game. The developer seems to be taking inspiration from earlier titles, which could mean we could see some classic tracks make a comeback.

[Source: GT Planet]