Jaffe’s Non-Twisted Metal Game to be an E3 No Show

May 24, 2010Written by Steven Garcia

It’s been a lengthy road to certainty regarding David Jaffe’s new game. For longer than we care to calculate on a Sunday night, Jaffe has periodically teased us with esoteric blog posts referencing the project his boys at Eat Sleep Play have been slaving away on. That said, while we may not know what it really is until it’s officially revealed, recent tweets from the man himself reveal what it undeniably isn’t and where you probably won’t see it.

While speaking out loud to the collective Twitterverse, Jaffe let loose how he feels about creating a brand new IP as opposed to rehashing an oldie, but definitely a goody.

“By the way, I WISH we were making a new Twisted Metal. Making game you’ve already worked on is tons easier cuz your core blueprint is already there. This new game design stuff tho? Man, that is hard…reason I’m so stressed these days! ALtho I gotta admit, doing new design/IP stuff IS fun. But days like today you just WISH you already knew the formula that worked!”

Well, we guess that clinches it. No new Twisted Metal from Jaffe. Still, if a new Twisted Metal isn’t in the cards – at least not from series’ creator –, what is? We still don’t know and most likely won’t anytime soon if a tweet from a litter further on in the day is accurate. Responding to a fellow Twitterer ( is that the correct term?), Jaffe explained,

“Sony has not asked us [to show our super awesome new game at E3] and given it’s 3 weeks away, my guess is u r correct: no Eat Sleep Play game at E3.”

It was already reported that Jaffe denied developing a Twisted Metal title and would be attending E3 via his home computer, but while many hoped that would change, it appears that’s just not the case. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. One less title and famous game developer to set aside time for means more hands-on time with the expansive list of confirmed titles already set and ready for action in just a few short weeks. As for when Eat Sleep Play’s project will make it’s debut, your guess is as good as ours- except not really because we already know. David (yes, we know him on a first name basis) told us and actually let us play the game. In fact, we’re playing it right now. But not really.