PlayStation Move is Not a Gimmick

May 27, 2010Written by Zak Islam

In news that will shock the industry (no, not really), CEO of Cohort Studios explains how PlayStation Move won’t be following the Nintendo Wii’s footsteps by stating how Sony’s PlayStation motion controller is anything but a gimmick.

Speaking to Play.TM in a GAME Store, CEO of Cohort Studios, Lol Scragg said:

I think that’s a problem that the Wii has. A lot of people used the motion controller as a gimmick. There wasn’t really a core mechanic and they probably could have made the games using a traditional gamepad.

Scragg goes onto say that their company’s first PlayStation Move title, The Shoot, won’t make the motion controller a gimmick.

One thing that we’ve tried to do with The Shoot is make sure that it takes full advantage of the hardware and the control method that we have available so were not using it as a gimmick. You wouldn’t be able to play our game without the PlayStation Move.

PlayStation Move will be released alongside The Shoot as its first title. The motion controller is yet to be dated by Sony, but you can bet a release date is ready to move at E3.

The PlayStation Move is aiming to bring a new era of hardcore gaming experiences.