Sony Packs More Value Into the PS3; HDMI Now Included

One of the biggest consumer gripes with the PlayStation 3 has long been due to an HDMI cable is not included. This is mainly due to the fact that Sony has long been touting the PS3, as the high-definition console, even offering ‘full 1080p’ gaming and movies. What good is a 1080p capable “High Definition” console when you’re given nothing more than a composite cable only capable of standard definition 480i? Admittedly, the missing HDMI cable was much more noticeable at launch when the PS3 cost $599, but who wouldn’t want a free HDMI cable packed in with each and every PS3?

Apparently, new SKUs have hit certain retailers and now include an HDMI cable. Excellent, but better yet, that’s not the only other thing that’s now included.

As if the 250GB PS3 SKU wasn’t already a great value, being only $50 more than the 120GB SKU and featuring double the HDD capacity. Now, the 250 SKU will be packed with a 6-foot HDMI cable and the Greatest Hits Game of the Year Edition of LittleBigPlanet, which is still one of the most highly-regarded titles of this generation. Here’s the kicker: it’s still only $349.99!

Now when you purchase a 250GB PS3, you’ll be getting double the hard drive capacity over the 120GB SKU, which is still difficult to find in stores mind you, along with a PlayStation branded HDMI cable as well as a copy of LBP GOTY. The game and HDMI cable alone are worth the extra $50 a 250GB SKU will cost you.

Don’t believe this amazing value? We didn’t either, but a PSLS faithful tipster with retail experience sent us the pictures below for confirmation!

SCEA hasn’t announced this bundle yet, but there is at least one retailer we know of that has the bundle ready to sell. Now they’re just waiting for the official announcement to be subsequently scooped up by the masses wanting a PS3. Check out the pics below: