Capcom & Namco Team Up For the Fight of the Century

Days before E3, details have “hadoukened” their way through our door that strongly suggesting two major companies may be teaming up to bring a fighting game the likes of which have never been seen.

A well established informant has come forth to announce a partnership between fighting series veterans Namco and Capcom in order to deliver a truly epic clash between the Street Fighter and Tekken series. No other news was given, but we are lead to believe that further proof and details could be revealed just a few days from now when the excitement of E3 begins.

Given both companies recent trends, like the announced sequel to “Marvel Vs. Capcom 2“, it has been said that the likeliness of another major crossover, like this one, was greater now than ever before in these two companies history. Moreover, this combination of vastly different fighting styles is one of unprecedented proportions in the fighting genre, and leads many to wonder which series the game’s style will ultimately favor. Regardless, many fans have long debated on which series is truly the superior fighting title, and very soon we could be given the chance to put those words into fist-flying action, and settle the score.