Massive Lost Planet 2 Patch Incoming

Shortly after its release, Lost Planet 2 players would eventually become frustrated with Lost Planet 2’s imminent bugs. Capcom are planning to address the problems as they’ve announced that it’s planning to release a rather large patch for Lost Planet 2 which will tweak several gameplay settings for both offline and online modes.

Courtesy of Capcom-Unity, the full list of changes are below:

  • Respawning points are changed – e.g. the player can start from the beginning of the boss fight, rather than start the level from the beginning and so on.

  • The player’s attacking power has been strengthened.

  • The level of animations for the player being affected near by attack/explosion is lowered.

  • The level of damage to the player is lowered.
  • Harmonizer is adjusted to be more powerful.
  • The level of animations for the enemies being affected near by attack/explosion is increased.
  • Weapons’ parameters are adjusted – i.e. they became quite evenly balanced (not too strong, not too weak).
  • The speed of the player’s dash is increased.

The update will be released on June 7th.

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