Max Payne Not Shooting People Up This Year?

Max Payne 3 has been on Rockstar/Take-Two’s agenda for a long while now. Last December it was pushed back to sometime in Take-Two’s fiscal 2010. Well it looks like more bad news is headed Max’s way if the latest Take-Two press release is any indication.

According to a recently-published release, these are the upcoming games Take-Two is scheduled to help release in its fiscal 2010:

L.A. Noire – Xbox360, PS3

Mafia II – Xbox360, PS3, PC

NBA 2K11 – TBA

NHL 2K11 – Wii

New Carnival Games – Wii, DS

Sid Meier’s Civilization V – PC”

Notice anything missing? Max Payne 3 is conspicuously absent, suggesting that its release date has been pushed back yet again. If any new info about this title is given during E3, you can bet on reading it here, but until then it’s anyone’s guess as to just when Max Payne 3 will be released.