Just Cause Developers Making New Licensed Game

Avalanche Studios, the developers behind the action sandbox-styled franchise Just Cause, have revealed that they are busy working on a new action game. According to Avalanche, unlike Just Cause 2, the title will be more story driven to improve upon story delivery.

During an interview with CVG, Avalanche head man Christofer Sundberg didn’t reveal much about the latest game in development. The new licensed title will still have the massive worlds and Michael Bay-esqe explosions while featuring a stronger story. Sundberg stated:

I can’t talk much about our next project but it’s definitively within the action genre. But we have made a move towards the more controlled experience to better convey a strong storyline.

We’ll never leave our big game worlds and spectacular explosive action, though. After working on original IPs for seven years we wanted to try a licence, but there’s only been a few that we’ve felt was 100 per cent right for the studio. This one is perfect!”

Just Cause 2 has been the most surprisingly good game so far this year to many gamers. The game had a nice blend of action and variety while hosting one of the largest free roam worlds in a video game ever. Keeping the same formula of huge worlds and amazing explosions while taking on a licensed game with a bigger better story should make for a terrific game.

Just Cause 2 was released March 23.  If you haven’t played it yet, it’s not too late to give the game a try.  You might be glad you did, because we at PlayStation LifeStyle certainly were.