Dead Space 2 To Be More Spine Tingling

When Dead Space was released in 2008, it was met with high praise for its engrossing and immersive gameplay, stating the game was a “nail-biting experience,” driven forward by a “film-worthy” script and “inspired” setting. The sequel, Dead Space 2 looks to advance on what the original built and aims to make it more scarier and heart pumping than ever.

According to EA in an interview with PC Zone, Dead Space 2 will be scarier than the first according to executive producer Steve Papoutis.

It was awesome making Dead Space, it came out of the blue and was well received by critics and fans, It’s daunting to try and top it.

In order to be a better game, we need to step our game up in all facets – that’s the visuals, enemy designs, new weapons, tools and mechanics.

Certainly horror is a big part of that, so when we’re done with it, I hope we can say that it’s scarier. That’s a goal for us.

Dead Space 2 is shaping up nicely for its release date which is due in 2011, expect some more gameplay during E3. For all the latest news from E3 be sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle regularly.