Mortal Kombat Characters DLC Confirmed

“GET OVER HERE”. These are the very words which were screaming at us when PlayStation LifeStyle saw the playable version of Mortal Kombat behind closed doors at E3. So, as any sane person, gamer or Mortal Kombat fan would do, PSLS took to the stage and played one of 2011’s most promising titles. Hey, it’s Mortal Kombat in HD, what’s not to love, really? Moving on – while we were standing in awe while excuting a perfectly timed fatality, we saw something interesting, which turns out to confirm that Mortal Kombat will indeed be receiving character downloadable content.

During a closed door demonstration with the developers of Mortal Kombat, we spotted a slot on the select screen for DLC characters. So, who can we expect to see enter the game? We’ll have to wait and find out nearer to release. Until then, check out the game’s teaser trailer below:

Can you hear that? Oh, it’s just the sound of a true Mortal Kombat fan going crazy over the news. Don’t mind me.

For more on the game, be sure to check out PlayStation LifeStyle’s in-depth E3 impressions of the game, which comes from another crazy Mortal Kombat fan.

Mortal Kombat is currently scheduled for a 2011 release.