Warriors: Legends of Troy E3 Impressions

Warriors: Legends of Troy is an upcoming video game for consoles including the PlayStation 3 which currently is being developed by Koei Canada and is due to be published by Koei. The title will be part of the Dynasty Warriors series but will ultimately differ from previous installments in the series as it will contain a large amount of graphic violence – awesome stuff if you ask us. One of the main problems with Koei Tecmo’s booth was the fact three of their titles, Trinity: Souls of Zill O’ll, First of North Star: Ken’s Revenger, and Warriors: Legends of Troy are all built on the Dynasty Warriors formula.

Sure, Trinity: Soul of Zill O’ll was clearly the best of three, when you get down to it, you simply killed a crapload of generics, advanced to the next area, repeat. Warriors: Legends of Troy was the best looking game graphically from Koei Tecmo, but it also happened to one of their worst titles they showcased.

Why? Because all it is a re-skinned Dynasty Warriors with Greeks instead of ancient chinese warriors. I kid you not. There was nothing special about it nor did it seem like the developers even wanted to achieve for anything more than a Dynasty Warriors clone.

I talked about the fact that the reason why Koei Tecmo has yet to retool the Dynasty Warriors formula is that the game always sell over 500,000 copies in Japan, along with enough copies from the rest of the world that they make a profit and call it a day.

For those of you still enjoy Dynasty Warriors, you could always give it a try, but best of the down I played, you’re not going to missing anything if you don’t. If you have to get your Dynasty on, then invest in a used copy of DW. Things could change drasticially by the time Warriors: Legends of Troy hits later this year, but I wouldn’t put money on it.