Dead Space 2 “Mystery Exclusive” Reveal Due Next Month

July 6, 2010Written by Adam Wolfe

A Dead Space 2 “Mystery Exclusive” is set to be revealed next month. This comes courtesy of PSM3 “next month page” in this months issue.

Besides just the promise of the reveal there is giant scrawl of unitology script, which is translated to “PSM3 braves the Church of Unitology.”

The Church of Unitology is an area in Dead Space 2, and we also know that there will be multiplayer. There are also other mags saying they will be getting there hands on Dead Space 2 and will be posting previews next month.

So is this just PSM3 clever way of  saying they will be posting there info on the game next month, or something completely different. With nothing else being said all is left up to you imagination, so what do you guys think this could be?