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David Jaffe Reveals Twisted Metal Details

July 7, 2010Written by Andrej Cilkov

When David Jaffe first revealed Twisted Metal at E3 it left the whole audience in awe and was undoubtedly the most notable E3 reveal of 2010. What further amazed the crowd was the multiplayer footage presented on stage. But unfortunately since then very few details about Twisted Metal had been released except for a few of Jaffes thoughts on multiplayer ranks.

Nevertheless Jaffe has been been on a Twitting spree answering boundless amounts of twits directed at him, and as expected he has exposed some toothsome information about the upcoming game.

Eat,Sleep, Play plan to add new characters as well as vehicles after the initial launch of Twisted Metal, whether this is via DLC or free patches has not yet been specified. They also plan to cook up more destructible vehicles which will “toss debris and flip cars when a big rams occur”, despite this they still haven’t been implemented into the game yet claims Jaffe. He also revealed that after death or accidental suicide you will be prompted to change your vehicle, which is great as you wont have to stick to a single vehicle and will be able to change to the specific situation your in.

Local multiplayer is still at a young aspect explains David, but despite his recent comments about multiplayer ranks he claims that they would have never abandon this aspect of any Twisted Metal game.

There will be a total of 32 characters, but on the other hand Jaffe has refereed to vehicles as characters, so there is a possibility that it will be 16 characters and 16 vehicles.

Jaffe has confirmed that there will be 4 playable factions:

  • Clowns – Sweet Tooth followers
  • Dolls – Dollface groupies
  • Skulls – Grimm followers
  • Holy Men – Preacher disciples

Each faction will have distinct cars from each other, which anyone in the same faction can control.

Twisted Metal has been scheduled for release in 2011, how ever more information should be released at the upcoming Comic Con event, if they decided to attend. So stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle!