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Sony Outlines PlayStation Move Japan Launch

July 8, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

‘This Changes Everything’ was Sony’s slogan at this year’s E3. From the 40-foot tall Kevin Butler poster standing tall outside the South hall of the Los Angeles Convention to the many different posters scattered about the center, it was easy to see Sony is taking their motion controller seriously. This isn’t a gimmick, but yet another layer of interactivity to the mighty machine that is the PlayStation 3. In a surprising move, the PlayStation Move will hit the US first and Japan, Sony’s home country, last, even after the UK, in October. Details have been released of the Move’s launch in Japan and we have  all the info you need to know regarding it.

Arriving on October 21st, our friends in the ‘Land of the Rising Sun’ will be paying ¥3,980 ($45 USD) for the stand alone Move controller and for ¥2,980 ($33 USD) the Navigation controller.

The Japanese version of the PlayStation Move Bundles features The PlayStation Move controller, The PlayStation Eye camera, and Beat Sketch (Which replaces Sports Champions here in the US), for the low price of ¥5,980 ($67 USD) on October 21st. Whoa, wait…they save $23 on their bundle!?! Uh, I think I would gladly wait until October if we could save that too!

Even though our Japanese friends are getting some relief on the prices, we sure as hell have a better launch lineup of titles! Check out their list:

  • EyePet
  • Sports Champion
  • Beat Sketch
  • Fure! Fure! Bowling
  • Machi Suberi
  • Big 3 Gun Shooting

Yeah, it’s easy to see that WE win the launch lineup battle. However, seeing as how we will receive only one confirmed PS Move bundle, Japan is receiving two more.

One that features Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition, which will be updated with a PS Move patch in September. This bundle will cost gamers ¥7,980 ($90 USD) or you can go all out with the Big 3 Gun Shooting bundle, which comes with the PS Move, PS Eye, Big 3 Gun Shooting, AND The rather silly looking PS Move Gun Attachment all for the ‘low’ price of ¥11,980 ($135 USD!!). Yikes.

For those who do join the ‘Move’ment, the post-launch titles seem to be few and far between:

  • Mugen Kairo Hikari to Kage no Hako (aka Echochrome)
  • Nikudan
  • Move de Party (aka Start the Party)
  • TV Superstars (One of my favorite Move titles I played!)
  • Furi Furi! Sarugetchu (aka Ape Escape)
  • Sorcery
  • Tower
  • The Shoot
  • Heroes on the Move

Sony is also offering a ‘PlayStation Move Omniverse demo disc’ for those who buy any of the PS Move bundles or Move controllers. No information was released as to what is on the disc though.

As soon as SCEA or SCEE make the launch lineup information available, PlayStation LifeStyle will report all the information you need to know regarding their launch!