Crysis 2 Collector’s Edition Spotted

Crytek’s hotly anticipated shooter has already caught the buzz among the hardcore gamer crowd.  The developer’s home-brewed gaming engine CryEngine3, is promising to push the standards of the FPS genre to the limits.  And for marketing, it also turns out that they may be planning to push a lot more than just the graphics of Crysis 2.

Although there has been no official confirmation yet from Crytek or publisher EA (Electronic Arts), a collector’s edition of Crysis 2, called the Crysis 2 Nano Edition, has been spotted on multiple European websites.  This edition is packed with a ton of swag that may appeal to the hardcore fans, or those of you with a hankering for gaming goodies.  Per the listing on one of the retailer’s website, here is an example of how far Crytek is pushing the limits, as well as what you’ll be getting from the Crysis 2 Nano Edition:

  • Crysis 2 Game
  • A 46 cm x 34 cm “Nanosuit” backpack with presentation box
  • A 20cm Prophet’s statue that will come with lighting effects
  • A 176 page art book
  • It will come packaged in a metal container with a “unique” painting effect
  • You’ll receive bonus experience and have immediate access to higher ranks and unlocked items
  • A Crysis 2 Dogtag (this is an actual object and not an in-game item)
  • In-game gun attachment for the SCAR weapon that deploys a hologram decoy
  • SCAR camouflage skin for weapon
  • Codes to unlock additional content.

If this breathtaking treasure trove is making you itch to get your hands on one, start setting aside your savings to the staggering tune of $200.  C’mon, I know you’re dying to sport that Nanosuit backpack.