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“Uncharted III” Appears on Facebook, Sadly it’s Fan Made [Update]

July 27, 2010Written by Anthony Severino

After the astounding, industry-defining success the award-winning Uncharted 2 had just last year, fans are craving more of Nathan Drake and his treasure hunting adventures. According to a Facebook page, which just popped up today, it may be “coming soon” or is it?

A Facebook page for Uncharted III has appeared out of nowhere, only showing what would seem to be a teaser image displaying the game’s logo.

Don’t get your hopes up too fast, as it’s been confirmed to be nothing more than fan art. We thought we’d let you know before speculation ran wild.

[Update] Naughty Dog themselves have now chimed in via Twitter reasserting that it’s indeed fan art:

“It’s just fan-created, not an official Naughty Dog/SCEA page + we haven’t made any announcements.”

Thanks to everyone who sent this in!