Survey Reveals Possible New Feature for PlayStation Plus

If you’re one of those people who does their gaming on more than one PS3, then you know that there is one thing that sorely affects your ability to pickup where you left off. That is the fact game saves are stored away on the system’s HDD. So sadly, you cannot keep on trucking away at the single player game you are currently playing back home, on a friends PS3. That is unless you pop in a USB thumb drive or memory stick (for us early adopters) and grab your save data. Just don’t forget to do it again before you go back home, or else you’ll be stuck re-playing everything you did while you were away from your own PS3. Of course, some of these game saves are even copy-protected and are unable to be copied to another PS3.

This is even more frustrating for those of us with more than one PlayStation 3 in the same house, on the same wireless network. However, a recent survey conducted by Sony Japan, hints at a solution to all this game save swapping.

According to this SCEJ survey which asked PlayStation Network users ‘what features they would like added to PlayStation Plus’, one of the options was for online-server based game saving.

Having your game saves stored in a computer cloud would theoretically allow you to access those game saves anywhere you are connected to the PlayStation Network – be it your friends house or in your very own home.

While this is only a survey, it’s likely that Sony is at least considering bringing the option to PlayStation Plus subscribers in the future. Let’s just hope enough Japanese gamers chose that option when asked in the survey.

To all you PlayStation Plus subscribers out there, would this be a feature you would use? To the non-subscribers, would this feature sway your decision to become a PlayStation Plus subscriber? Let us know below…