Sodium One Creators Spreads Its ‘Wings’ Through PlayStation Home

July 31, 2010Written by Kishen Patel

Ever since its first announcement by Phil Harrison at the 2007 Game Developers Conference, PlayStation Home has evolved into a much more ambitious project than what was original showcased. Albeit missing a few promised features, the Home community now has have access to a wide variety of personal and public spaces including an alternate reality game and a massively multiplayer online game exclusively for the online universe. With a community population of over 14 million users and serving as a profitable business for developers, it is no wonder that more content is being produced by publishers for the virtual world.

Speaking of massively multiplayer multiplayer online games, the creators of the very first for PlayStation Home, Lockwood Publishing, have crafted some brand-new goodies for the virtual avatars and our personal spaces of the popular online world. For character development, players can express their attitude through a variety of wings. According to the publishers, themeselves:

Lockwood Publishing brings the newest must-have accessories to Playstation Home – WINGS! Players can immerse themselves in fantasy and express their good – or bad – attitude! By choose between Fairy wings, Dragon wings or Butterfly Sprite wings Playstation Home users can let their imaginations run wild!

And for all of our personal spaces, players can unwind and relax or just plain boast about spending their virtual dollars with accessories for the PlayStation Home lovely abode. From the Sodium One developers also comes a “Bubbling Stone” fountain as well as a “Decorative Fountain”:

Whether players want to relax or impress, Lockwood has brought two stunning new water features to PlayStation Home this week! The Bubbling Stone fountain features flowing water that will bring calm and tranquility to online abodes, while the Decorative Fountain features water jets to add that extra luxurious touch to that next big party!

The fountains and the Wings collection of accessories are available in the Sodium Store accessible through the Mall. Check out these screens for a better look at the items!