Crash Team Racing Vortexing onto PSN Next Week

August 4, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Crash Team Racing, although over a decade old, has remained one of the best of its genre. While the Mario Kart series is loved by many, CTR was able to form a huge fanbase with only a single solitary release. Fans of the title should be proud to hear that this classic will be making it’s way to the PlayStation Store sooner than expected.

Senior Manager for the PlayStation Store, Grace Chen, has confirmed that Crash Team Racing will be seeing it’s PS Store debut next week. When asked about the release date for the title, Chen replied:

Look for it next week 🙂

Naughty Dog’s charming kart-racing game managed to captivate fans back on the PlayStation One, so much in fact that many of the characters and levels found in the title have made their way to ModNation Racers. The PlayStation Store is once again going to be seeing another classic PSOne title, and PS Plus subscribers have yet another downloadable to pray for in the future.