Mafia II PS3 Port is Solid and No Longer a Concern

August 12, 2010Written by Jonathan Leack

Just days ago, a user on the popular NeoGaf boards posted a series of images which compared the PlayStation 3 version of the upcoming Mafia II to the Xbox 360 version. Side-by-side it was very easy to tell that the PS3 version was clearly lacking foliage and had a significant amount of tearing, which led many to believe that Sony’s console is preparing for another disappointing multiplatform release. However, images from the final build seem to show a vast improvement which may very well negate any cause for concern.

Screenshots of the PlayStation 3’s final build of Mafia II have been released on GameSpot which reveal a surprising truth. Judging by the screenshots, the PS3 version not only looks significantly better than seen in the demo screenshots, but the foliage is far from being compromised. The fact of the matter is that if these images are accurate, which they seem to be, the NeoGaf screenshots were undoubtedly based on the several month old demo which many played on the E3 show floor back in June.

Which console version looks better will still be up for debate, but PS3 owners can breathe a huge sigh of relief. 2K Games has been receiving a lot of slack from PS3 gamers who have seen the demo screenshots, and rightfully so. Thankfully, judging by the final build screenshots, this Mafia II will not only be a solid port, but may very well be one of the better-looking games on any console.