Shape and Mold the Next Split/Second

Even though Black Rock Studios’ destructive racer, Split/Second, was released during a busy time for game releases – especially with the likes of other unique racers, ModNation Racers and Blur – it definitely proved its quality to gamers and introduced a new style of arcade racing. After the racers’ impressive success, developer Black Rock Studios is now looking for fan feedback on upcoming DLC and future projects.

A recent questionnaire for the explosive racer concentrates on key areas of the title including: tracks, Power Plays, game modes, vehicles and sound. The survey quizzes players on their most and least favorite parts of the game.  The results will then be used by Black Rock Studios to help them plan out future downloadable content as well as the developers’ future projects. Split/Second 2 anyone? Head on over to the survey and voice your thoughts to the developers.

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