Housemarque to Reveal Another Stunner at PAX

Housemarque has made its presence felt by introducing one of the best downloadable games this generation, in the form of Super Stardust HD. Although the zombie-riddled Dead Nation is still on the way, it appears that the company is working on yet another title.

Housemarque has announced that it will be revealing yet another downloadable title during Penny Arcade Expo this year. An official tweet made by Housemarque states the following:

“New PSN/XBLA game from Housemarque is going to be announced at PAX in early September!”

PAX is starting to look like another genuine gaming convention with the likes of both Housemarque and the veteran Insomniac Games developers revealing what we can safely assume will be AAA titles. PAX 2010 is less than a month away and will last from September 3rd to the 5th, so be on the lookout for tons of new gaming information in the coming weeks.