Move Launch Title Sports Champions to Receive DLC

August 21, 2010Written by Thomas Williams

One of the most impressive PlayStation Move titles that Sony has displayed so far is none other than Sports Champion. Sony claims that putting enough time towards the table tennis portion of the game will actually net you results in real life and make you a better player, all due to the precise movements and pure 1:1 ratio of the PS Move controller. Even though Sports Champions doesn’t arrive until September 19th, the official launch of the PS Move, fantastic news for potential fans of the series as more content for the gaming is being planned as we speak.

During a live chat on the European PlayStation Blog, Jeremy Ray, Producer for Sports Champions, revealed the news..and it was short, simple, and to the point.

There are DLC plans for Sports Champions.

He also added that details will be announced soon, so hopefully new, exciting sports will be added to the game once the title launches. Or seeing as how Sony isn’t shy about offering their franchise characters as DLC in other titles, I’d gladly purchase a Kratos’ skin to smash someones face with during the Gladiator portion of the game.

Sports Champions, along with a bevy of other PlayStation Move compatible titles, ‘move’ to store shelves this September 19th. For those of you who have to go ‘all the way’ (aka you don’t have a PS Eye), Sports Champions will be released as a pack-in with the PlayStation Move Starter Bundle. Why not hurry over to Amazon and reserve your PS Move bundle today!?!