inFamous 2 Electro-Gliding on to the Move Bandwagon

August 30, 2010Written by Adam G

PlayStation Move fans certainly have a lot to look forward too these next couple of months. Following the controller’s launch mid-September, consumers will have all manner of games to play with Sony’s new motion technology: you could be hanging out with some of the worst hide and seek players around in Killzone 3, create and sharing with Sackboy in LittleBigPlanet 2 and now you could also be moving as the world’s only living fusebox in inFamous 2.

That is, if a feature on the official PlayStation site is to be believed. Under the title “A Game For Every Move” lies the the tentative boxart for inFamous 2, along with other games already confirmed to include Move support such as Socom 4 and Heavy Rain. No other information about any potential Move functionality was given and there hasn’t been any announcement by Sony or Sucker Punch on the matter so it’s certainly possible that this has been listed in error.

Either way, the prospect of controlling Cole with Sony’s new motion controller is an intriguing one. One that we hope will come to fruition at some point down the line. Keep checking PSLS for more details as we get them.