Medal of Honor is Battle Hardened and Ready to Serve

The revival of the Medal of Honor series has earned great controversial and critical attention. As such, EA is undoubtedly driving home everything the game has to offer with no strings attached. Next in it’s “The Medal of Honor Experience” theatrics is an all-new trailer demonstrating the Medal of Honor take on aerial perspective combat.

As seen in the video below, it is clear that when executive producer Greg Goodrich showcased the game at the 2010 Sony E3 press conference, he was not kidding when he revealed that the team had worked closely with real United States military personnel that have served in war. This combined with the realistic graphics will give gamers just that when they pick up Medal of Honor later this year.

Is this ultimately a sign of the developer’s confidence in the modern day first-person shooter, or were they forced to release everything the game has to offer given the public reception towards the game?