Treyarch Finding Black Ops Difficult to Balance

One of the most memorable features from the Call of Duty titles has been the addicting and action-packed multiplayer.  That online feature is probably one of the most painstakingly modes to balance, to ensure that everyone plays fair.  Treyarch has admitted that their next Call of Duty: Black Ops is proving to be quite challenging for balancing it’s online mode.

In Treyarch’s latest interview with CVG, community manager Josh Olin mentioned that their latest Call of Duty has been the more difficult than other CoD title.

“This has been the most difficult to balance and there are a lot of things that contribute to that such as the earn rate and spend rate of CoD points, plus XP is always a tough thing to balance out.

“With all these things we’re adding to purchase you have to balance not only the weapons and perks against each other but also when you consider how much they’re going to cost.”

However, Olin also stated that in spite of the difficulties, the studio has really turned a new leaf within their processes without sacrificing the quality of their title.

“Almost two years ago now they refocused all their efforts on retooling the studio and on the development process. One of those was having every developer focusing on Call of Duty when we were working on World at War.

“Now it has allowed us to have a dedicated single-player and multi-player team since day one. They haven’t been distracted by other things so it has allowed out MP team to use their resources to make more than we’ve ever made before, but also really polish and balance it to the degree that we felt was necessary.”

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle as the war begins to heat up for Call of Duty: Black Ops.  We’ll be sure to bring you the latest news as we catch wind of it.