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Kitase Sees “Awkward” Move-ment in RPGs

With the PlayStation Move launching in just under two short weeks, the daily trend in gaming news has been nothing but motion controlled gaming. Taking a look at this week’s PlayStation 3 releases will attest to this statement seeing as how some of the heaviest hitters are motion controlled games. While platform holders insist each of their respective waggle solutions will revolutionize virtually every genre we play, the Square Enix producer thinks otherwise.

According to Yoshinori Kitase, the producer for a variety of the Final Fantasy titles including The 3rd Birthday, motion controlling is just plain “awkward” for role-playing games:

“But it is quite awkward, particularly for example in Final Fantasy XIII, which came out last March in Europe. That kind of interface is quite difficult to be included in the RPG.”

The Square executive goes on to explain another reason that Move or Kinect would not be suitable for their typical genre of games because of the extended amount of time required to dig deep into the title and to complete:

“The main difference between shooting games and RPGs – obviously there are some – but shooting games probably amount to up to 10 to 15 hours of gameplay. But an RPG, you have to improve your character fight and fight and fight, and then the ending, and then more to play with, that could be 40 to 50 hours.”

Could you imagine waving your arms around while clenching two controllers for 40 hours? Sure, this does not necessarily entail the player to play all that amount of time in one sitting but, in the case of RPG’s, it could mean the opposite of immersion. What do you think? Tell us in the comments section below.