Sony Offering ‘Limited Edition Move Bundle’ on QVC

The PlayStation Move will be available at retailers beginning on September 19th in North America. However, this Sunday on QVC, a special “limited edition” PlayStation Move bundle will be “unveiled” on QVC, the broadcast television shopping network.

Each day on QVC, a “Today’s Special Value” is offered. This coming Sunday, September 12’s “Special Value” will be none other than the “limited edition” PlayStation Move bundle.

Check your local listing and be sure to tune into QVC this Sunday at midnight, 10 AM, and 7 PM (ET). The bundle will also be available while supplies last on and by calling 1.800.345.1515.

That’s not all, the PlayStation Move bundle will also be on display at the first-ever New York Fashion Week pop up shop in Rockefeller Center on Sunday, September 12.

The bundle will retail at $599 and includes the following:

  • PS3™ Sports Champions™ Move Bundle — everything a consumer needs to get started with PS3 and PlayStation Move (320GB PS3 system, PlayStation Move motion controller, PlayStation Eye Camera, Sports Champions game, PlayStation Move game demo disc
  • PlayStation Move Power Pack — featuring accessories to enhance the gameplay experience for Sports Champions (1 Archery Bow, 1 Sword, 1 Shield, 2 Table Tennis Paddles, a Bocce/Volleyball/Disc-Golf accessory, 2 Silicon Skins for the motion controller, and 2 Wrist Straps)
  • <PS3 Starter Gaming Bundle — including accessories for the PS3 system (Blu-ray Remote, PS3 system Slim Stand, HDMI Cable, 2 Silicon Skins for the DUALSHOCK® 3 controller, and a System Bag)
  • Bonus Software — Ratchet & Clank® Future: Tools of Destruction game and Surf’s Up Blu-ray movie

This is certainly unconventional marketing for the PlayStation brand, and it proves that Sony is aiming at a more casual, family orientated crowd with the PlayStation Move, as least at launch.