Hustle Kings Update Move-ing in This Week

The PlayStation Network serves as a host to a number of definitive simulation experiences of everything from bowling and pinball to even racing. When it comes to a billiards simulator, though, the end-all, be-all title is without-a-doubt Hustle Kings on the PlayStation Store. Originally released in the Winter of this year, the pool simulator is back with a whole new ‘Move’-ment.

With the addition of PlayStation Move support, Hustle Kings is another reason for current owners to purchase the Move set of peripherals (although for this game, only the Move controller is required for motion assisted gameplay) and a reason for new ‘Move’-ers to pick this one up off the PSN Store. Another welcome addition for 3D TV owners is the addition of a stereoscopic 3D support patch.

The PlayStation Move support and 3D patch will be available for download this week for Hustle Kings.