Unreal Engine To Power Devil May Cry Reboot

Ninja Theory already has received some controversy over the announcement of their Devil May Cry reboot.  Little is known about how the retelling of Dante’s story will impact the original story and characters that established the franchise.  Not only is the story undergoing a makeover, but apparently so will the software architecture as well.

In a recent posting on Ninja Theory’s public forum, community manager ninja, Dominic Matthews revealed that the new retelling of their Devil May Cry will be powered by the Unreal Engine.

The previous Devil May Cry 4 had been known to use MT Framework, a game engine that Capcom has used to render hit titles such as Dead Rising, and the zombie-infested Resident Evil 5.  Capcom’s Marvel vs. Capcom 3 will also be running on a modified version of MT Framework.  It has been said that the MT Framework engine allowed Capcom’s titles to run at smooth frame-rates while maintaining high textures and resolutions.

One can only wonder why Capcom is allowing Ninja Theory to depart from utilizing the MT Framework for the next DmC.  The most likely reason is that Ninja Theory petitioned to stick to one programming language they are most familiar with since their latest title, Enslaved, was also rendered with the Unreal Engine 3.  Perhaps, there is still much more life in the Unreal Engine than we initially imagined.