DarkStalkers To Return if Fan’s Rally

It’s been a long time since Donovan Baine used his telekinetic abilities against the Darkstalkers–Yoshinori Ono knows this well. Ono-san, Street Fighter Producer,wants to bring the Darkstalkers back…he just needs to sell it to Capcom boss Kenji Inafune.

In a recent interview, Ono-san said Darkstalkers could return if he can get 1 million requests for the game. When asked how many he had thus far, he said “5000”. Ono-said encouraged fans to reach out:

The fans can make noise. Anything about Darkstalkers – they can write about it, or whenever there is a random blog ranking of what you want the most – if we see Darkstalkers that would help.

He added that it’s entirely possible this could happen, using Street Fighter IV as an example he said:

The reason Street Fighter IV came into reality was through this sort of lobbying. When I used to do press tours with Onimusha, press guys would just ask me, ‘So many people want a new Street Fighter. Why aren’t you doing it?’ I kept on telling them to make more noise about it. That’s how it came to realisation. Likewise, if enough people make noise about it, it could happen.

If you want another Darkstalkers game like I do, head over to Capcom Unity, and “do the right thing“.